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Brave enough?

Brave enough? This special triple distilled vodka is infused with a 6cm farm raised Chinese Armor Tail Scorpion (Mesobuthus martensii). The vodka is steeped for several months, which then imparts a unique flavor into the liquor. The scorpion is 100% edible but be careful of the sharp stinger.


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Remember the old Polaroid instant cameras?  Well, they’re back!  The Poloroid Z2300 has an integrated printer and allows you to capture, edit, and produce full color 2″ x 3″ prints in less than a minute.  Have fun printing photos instantly or save and upload to your Mac or PC for larger prints.  Amazon



A really cool programmable thermostat with many functions and it’s even accessible using your smartphone.  Amazon


There is some kind of Bacon Revolution happening now. Bacon bacon everywhere. If you’re brave enough, try some of this bacon flavored toothpaste. Mmmmm good.  Neatoshop



What in the world is this thing?!  I don’t know but they say it tightens up your face, making you look younger. I don’t know….Looks like an ear ripper to me! Anyway check out some of the cool things they have here at Japan Trend Shop. You will not be disappointed.  Japan Trend Shop